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No.4, Violin



Made and varnished in Springfield workshop;
Stradivari ˜Maurin' Model

'I've been playing violin 4 for the past two weeks or so, sometimes as much as two/three hours a day. In comparison with Caroline's later violins I thought the sound a little 'tight' initially, but I have to say that, even in such a short time, the violin has opened up and really sounds very fine now. It is bold and very powerful, but with a distinctive warmth to the sound - I would call it 'noble' warmth if that doesn't seem too fanciful - which was not, I think, there before, or not very much. Those with whom I have played have been impressed with the breadth and individualty of the sound. Anyway, it has really grown on me to the point where it became a must-buy - so I have bought it!' (June 2012)

post script: No. 4 was played intensely for six months and has 'come out' more and more. The gentleman who bought and played it has now traded up to violin 6 and the 'Moira' is looking for a new home.

October 2013: the new look for No.4 - honey-coloured and showing off the grain of both spruce and maple to good effect, this violin has also undergone some refinement to the edgework and fluting, which has further opened up the sound.

FOR SALE - 'Moira' came an extremely close second in the sale of 'Acer', May 2014. Her character develops steadily.


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