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Where Does the Time Go?


Still here! In 2018 I have made two violins and fixed up many more (you would be amazed how much difference it can make to

the sound and the playability of an instrument to have the set-up thoroughly checked over - one of my summer customers declared that she had fallen in love with her violin again!)

I am pleased to report that I now have two violins (29 and 30) and one viola (24) lodged with Tim Wright Fine Violins in Edinburgh. I am not able to travel round the country showing my work, so it is very good to have met Tim, and I would recommend that you pay a visit to his beautiful shop at 2 Warrender Park Road, where he has a wide choice of instruments.

Looking through my stash of timber I have almost decided on my next project, which will most likely be a third Guadagnini model violin because the tone of the previous two is just what I am looking for. Watch this space!

Warm Greetings for a Happy new Year, CC



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