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Warchal Timbre Strings


Two pieces of news this month: 1 - I gave my workshop a thorough clear-out and rearranged the benches and storage,

resulting in a much more efficient space which reflects the steady growth in my set-up service. 2 - I tried out Warchal 'Timbre' strings, and my report on the experience is below.  First, some photos of my new combined work and social space!

My working area, with all tools and materials to hand. Previously, I spent much of my time wandering around looking for things! Looking over to the 'customer area', where there is ample space to set down cases, move around and try violins, well away from sharp objects.

Here you can sit with a coffee while I check your instrument/ assess set-up improvements which may be needed/ fit new strings (see below)

And so to the new string from Slovakian string master, Bodhan Warchal. I'm sure it helped me to have been using and enjoying Warchal 'Amber' and 'Brilliant' qualities for several years. As their names would suggest, Amber strings are able to add darker tones to an otherwise'bright' violin, and vice versa re. Brilliant and Brilliant 'Vintage'.

Timbre strings are a different animal altogether - they have been variously described as 'luxuruious beasts' and 'and iron fist in a velvet glove', and I cannot argue with such remarks! I tried them first on my 20th violin, a Strad model which tends towards the bright side, then on No.13, a Lupot model which has always been mellower in tone. After a ridiculously short settling-in period they began, very noticeably, to respond to subtle variations iin bowing, and 'beneath the ear' a more detailed sound picture emerged than either violin had previously produced. In short, these new strings from Warchal are, from my initial assessment (and as reported now by several players I know), capable of broadening the dynamic possibilities of the violin. For players seeking more potential from their violin (Timbre strings are not yet available for viola),they are superb.

Timbre strings are not available online, but - for the reasons set out by Bodhan Warchal below - can be purchased from violin workshops such as my own. For up-to-date price please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or follow this link to my contact page

(from Mr Warchal)There are several reasons why we decided to sell Timbre only via luthiers:

Timbre is the best product that we have designed so far. We would like to be sure that it will be installed properly. If you aren't sure about your set-up or how to install strings without damaging them, you can utilise the complimentary installation service.

Instead of searching for strings online we suggest that you spend a few minutes in a violin making workshop. Even the environment and smell is inspiring. You'll find helpful advice about choosing strings to suit your tonal and playing preferences and your instrument can be checked briefly at the same time.

Timbre strings delivered to luthiers have never been coiled so you can enjoy them at their optimum quality.

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