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Spring is here!

APRIL 2019

It's a good thing, I think, to be so busy that there seems no time to publish updates! Since the New Year

several old violins have visited my workshop for some TLC, and in the present 'lull' I am pressing ahead with violin No.31. A few photos:

Re-bushing peg-holes which have become too big for even the fattest of pegs. Not a job to take too quickly, that keyhole saw in the background is lethal! All 8 bushings carved flush with the pegbox sides, ready for the re-touching. Re-touching almost complete - only the re-drilling to be done. (forgot to take pics) customer very pleased.
Resuming No.31. Top plate joined, planed smooth, rib shape hand-sawn and outer edge ready to be carefully shaped. This old piece of spruce is justgoing to be thick enough, which means that there is less to take off at the rough-arching stage. My trusty Axminster plane fitted with a Lie-Neilson blade (saved a lot of money there). Preparing the back plate... for cutting out. I use this skeleton mould every time. Much simpler in so many ways than a solid mould.

So that's where I am right now. Happy in my newly-arranged workspace and full of ideas for 'other stuff', of which more shortly.

Have an enjoyable Spring, CC

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