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Easter News


There's a LOT to see in my workshop these days, and I promise you will find it more comfortable too!

Photos of the new layout are here.

In addition to my latest instruments which are now on sale at Tim Wright Fine Violins, there are six here in the display case, made between 2011 and 2017, which are maturing nicely and priced from £2,750 to £4,950.

This week I have updated my entry on this website for Violin #4, which was sold soon after completion in 2011, traded up for a later model and has been back in dry dock over the winter for some improvements and a new, darker look. Priced at only £2,750 including case, bow and accessories it has already been gathering admiring remarks from customers.

There'salso a new addition to my range of violin-related gifts and cards, which can be bought at discount when you visit, or via my Etsy shop camiSoloViolinLovers.etsy.com.

-plus coffee.

-and the weather is beginning to warm up at long last. Happy Days


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