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Recent Developments

Early October 2013

New aspects of instrument making are impossible to ignore/must be explored!

When I found that I had mistakenly bought a set of viola-sized ribwood, and when a friend gave me a poster from her late father's attic which gave a full description of a 'prize-winning viola' from the 1940s......

The ribs were constructed in the Spring, and stayed propped on a shelf until July, when I began work on the beautiful maple and spruce supplied to me by a maker friend. The other day, after a longer (darker)-than-usual varnishing phase, on went the strings and out came a terrific sound! The new viola is already out on approval. I think I shall make another before long.

(with apologies for the erratic spacing, there is much I do not understand about the workings of this website)


 violaposter R  viola ribs and ruler R  viola timber R

Posters are a stepping-off

point only - lots of judgement

calls on the way along.

Mistakes are very easy to make.


 16 3/8 inches, 37mm rib depth.

Seems like a good average size,

but with plenty of internal space.

It all depends on the archings.



 The person who supplied this

perfect tonewood is willing to

wait to be paid, 'when it sells'.

Now, that's what I call trust!


viola inscript R

Morna Viola in white R

 Morna jean scroll R




Named for my middle daughter,

who embarked on a new course

of study on viola closing day.

Photo is for the I.D. certificate.




Set up in the white. Am amazed

by the richness and power of her

voice. Fingers crossed that it will

not be subdued by varnishing....

 Didn't need to worry, she's still

packing quite a punch! Set up

with rosewood pegs and Zyex

strings, making me proud. PHOTOS

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