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Early February 2017

A second seven-eighths size violin is under way, another 'lost boy' (see Pollicino, No.21)

I'm working on the back arching this week, and

 looking forward to adding some decoration using ebony paste. This piece of maple, though relatively plain in appearance, is full of character and proving to be very workable. 


There have been several visitors to my workshop since New Year with old, neglected violins in need of some TLC. I enjoy doing 'set-ups' and getting the best possible sound from the instrument.

Every aspect of the sound production set-up of a violin is within my remit:  Endpin button, Tailgut, Tailpiece, Bridge, Soundpost, Fingerboard, Top Nut, Pegs and Strings  (and when it comes to major repairs I can recommend a trusted colleague)

I carry a stock of essentials, including Warchal strings, Wittner tailpieces, replacement fingerboards, bridge 'blanks', top grade soundpost wood, sets of pegs, chinrests, shoulder rests and rosin - and can supply a range of cases and carbon fibre bows.

Coming soon - camiSolo, a range of beautifully-made violin bags in fine polyester or pure silk, to protect your instrument in its case from scuffs, scratches and extremes of temperature and humidity. More about these in my next post! 

Best wishes

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