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November 2017

There have been some interesting jobs on my bench in recent months, here is one from July: 

  The pegs of this old violin were fat and wobbly - the time had come for the peg          holes to be re-bushed. This shows the four boxwood bushings glued in place and    ready to be very carefully sawn, chiseled and finally scraped to be absolutely level    with the surrounding area, if not a tiny bit concave to allow for the small extra            thickness of the subsequent varnish retouch.



  Typical me, forgetting to photograph the in between stages! Now the new peg          holes have been drilled, ready for the final reaming and fitting of the new pegs.        Note that the new holes are a bit off-centre - partly because there will be less            stress on the bond between boxwood and maple, and partly - in this case -                because the original holes were positioned in such a way as to cause the G and A    strings to rub against the pegbox (and rather squint besides)


Below, 2 pics of the retouched pegbox. 


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